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A curated collection of original artwork and fine art prints by celebrated artist Francis Boag

About us

BoagArt Publishing is an exclusive outlet for original paintings and fine art prints by Scottish artist Francis Boag.

Best known for his use of colour and form when depicting Scotland's beautiful rural countryside and coastal landscapes, our range of products offer a wonderful sample of Francis' work, showcasing many of the elements that have made him so popular.

The 'home studio' collection

Due to the economics of gallery representation, it can be difficult for Francis to showcase some of his smaller works; however, thanks to our unique connection with the artist, we’re privileged to be able to provide a home for these wonderful pieces.

When trying out new ideas or exploring new themes, it makes sense to work on a small scale. However, I know that, as far as my own work is concerned, I put as much thought and effort into my small paintings as for any of the bigger pieces… and, in fact, sometimes the smaller works, have a spontaneity or 'va va voom' which can be hard to replicate in larger work... so I am delighted to have found an exclusive outlet for these pieces which are such a vital part of my creative output. The arrangement with BoagArt Publishing showcases work which might never have had a public viewing…

Francis Boag

Meet the team

A family affair

BoagArt Publishing is operated and run by Francis’ children and it’s through this familial connection that we’re able to provide a home for this fantastic range of Francis Boag originals and prints. Click below to learn more about Francis and his life in painting....

Sustainable beauty

Sometimes great things come in small packages....
and sometimes small things come in great packages!

All of our shipping materials have been specially selected to minimise the environmental impact of our products. Click below to learn more...