As a small business we aim to operate a simple customer complaint handling procedure that resolves complaints quickly and in a manner that’s satisfactory to both parties. We recognise that most complaints are genuine and represent an opportunity to listen to our customers and identify ways in which we can improve how we do business.


Who to contact if you need to make a complaint

The principle assigned to deal with complaints is:

James Boag
Old Mill Steading, Ury Estate

AB39 3ST
Email address:



Aim of our complaints handling procedure

If you’re not completely happy with our service we’d like to hear about it so we can do something to put it right. We do everything we can to make sure our customers get the best products possible; however, sometimes, we may not get things right the first time. When that happens, we want you to tell us what went wrong so we can put things right.

Through our complaints handling procedure, we want to:

  • understand why you are unhappy and your reasons for making (or considering making) a complaint;
  • handle your complaint as quickly as possible, giving it the attention it deserves;
  • keep you informed throughout the process;
  • understand what outcome you are seeking; and
  • achieve a resolution that’s fair and agreeable for everyone



Step-by-step complaints procedure

How and where to complain

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service or products you’ve received then you can tell us about your complaint in the following ways:

  • In writing – write to us using the address and principle above.
  • By email – contact us at

As part of your communication with us, please include any relevant details that will help us to identify your order details (if any) and understand your reasons for a complaint (including, but not limited to, order no., customer name, product(s) with issue, description of complaint)


How long will it take?

We want to handle your complaint as quickly as possible and part of that is formally acknowledging a complaint and setting out a timeline for resolving it.

We aim respond within two working days of receiving your complaint to acknowledge that we have received your complaint. At this stage we may request further information about the nature and extend of your complaint.

After we have acknowledged your complaint, we’ll try to resolve it as quickly as possible however, depending on the nature of the complaint and the information provided, it may take some time. As part of our acknowledgement of your complaint we’ll provide an estimated timeline for resolution (we aim to resolve all complaints within eight weeks).


Dealing with your complaint

If a complaint needs to be investigated, we will keep you informed on a regular basis (with contact at least every two weeks) however, if you need an update, please reach out to us at

Once your complaint has been fully investigated, we’ll share our findings with you to the fullest extent that we can and explain why we believe your complaint to either be valid, partially valid or not valid, and what actions we are proposing to take. As part of our complaints handling procedure, we’ll seek to understand what outcome you are looking for and then try to offer options for resolution with this in mind.

If we decide that you are reasonably due some form of additional recompense above the value of your order, we will discuss appropriate options with you (this could include the offer of a discount on future purchases or free Goods).

If we cannot resolve your complaint, we’ll proceed as per the provisions set out in our terms and conditions.



Complaints in relation to shipping

If your complaint involves issues with our Carriers or the postal service, we may have to ask you for information or evidence which we can then take to a third party as part of investigating the complaint. That could for example include a Police incident or crime number if it involves theft of Goods being delivered to you and thus something we cannot investigate directly. 


Return of goods within 14 day returns period

If you are returning an item (or items) within the free 14 day returns period then please note that we will not assume that such a return constitutes a complaint. If you are returning Goods and have a complaint then please make that clear on the return form or email.