One of the things I enjoy most about writing blog posts is that it allows me to share a bit more about my work with anyone who enjoys it.

Like most artists I know insecurity and doubt are always round the corner and it's a real pick-me-up to be reminded that someone, somewhere is responding to what you're trying to do. It is even more rewarding when other artists take the time to pass on their compliments and regards. I’m old enough not to take the web for granted and to still be amazed when an email arrives from New Zealand or California or Malta.

These are all exotic, far-away places to me and it comes as a surprise to realise that my representations of the east coast Scottish landscape can resonate in such far-flung corners of the globe.

I once received a mail that truly astonished me from an artist in Sudan and I’d like to share it with you here:


'I just wanted to express my deep admiration with your works.. and as an artist I was greatly inspired by them.. god bless you..'


The constant barrage of ‘bad news stories' from places like Sudan can sometimes blind you to the fact that ‘normal’ life is still going on. The environmental, cultural, religious and economic background of someone from Sudan could hardly be more removed from my own experience so it was truly humbling to realise that an artist from this background could find something in my work which spoke directly to him.

I made contact with artist, Faisal Tajalsir, and asked him to send me some images of his paintings. This he did and again I was astonished and amazed. I felt a real kinship with his work and felt we were on parallel tracks both seeking, in our different ways, similar solutions to the questions we ask ourselves. 



May 01, 2024 — Francis Boag