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Still Life with Dove

Francis Boag: Still life with dove

'Still life with dove' is a painting which, as is common with a lot of my work, combines bits of direct observation and other bits dredged up from my ‘memory bank’.

This painting is unusual in that it started life as an exercise at a workshop session. Not one of my own workshops, but every so often when I get a bit stir crazy working alone in the studio, I join an old friend Bobby at a workshop he attends run by artist, Susan Winton at her studio gallery near Pittenweem.

The company is always good and there is a nice atmosphere, very conducive to making work. The fact that there are unlimited chocolate biscuits and wine with a superb lunch only adds to the attraction.

Susan usually has a theme and several ‘props’ scattered around the studio. The red plant pot, pears, table, blue jug and most importantly the chocolate cake were all painted on the day.

The single rose, sunflowers and caged bird were all added the following day in my own studio. This was how the painting looked after day two. I then revisited it the next day and that is the finished painting which you can see in the Summer Exhibition at the Gullane Gallery in the summer.

I would advise anyone on a Painting workshop to follow my example, don't try to finish your  painting on the day.  Take it home, sleep on it and finish it the next day (or as soon as you have time).


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    Francis Boag

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  • Jul 31, 2017

    Hello Francis
    Just to introduce myself.
    I am a collector of your work and presently own a lovely small number of your beautiful paintings.They bring light and warmth and a smile to the coldest wettest winter days.I love the gorgeous colours you use.
    I used to buy your paintings in Just Art in Fochabers but now I live in Glasgow I find it more difficult to see your work.I would love to see more of your new work which is completely stunning.I feel there is still a place in my home for 2 or 3 more works.!

    — Lynne MacFadyen

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